The Quarterly Report 

The Quarterly Report is composed of two primary sections, published each quarter:

  1. Current Projects (2Q 2017 Current Projects)
    • Current Major Projects: Enumerated and in planning.
    • Future Major Projects: Identified in six-year plan but not yet enumerated or in planning.
    • Other Significant Projects: Primarily renovation and remodel projects ranging from $185,000 to $3 million.

  2. Gift-Grant Projects (UW-Managed Projects Report)
    •  Current Projects and Studies which are going through the new UW-Managed Gift/Grant Process

  3. Completed Major Projects (Completed Projects Report)
    • Completed Major Projects: Archive of projects completed since 2005.

Quarter  Start Date  End Date  Publish Date 
 First  January 1st  March 1st  April 1st
 Second  April 1st  June 30th  July 1st
 Third  July 1st  September 31st  October 1st
 Fourth  October 1st  December 31st  January 1st

The Quarterly Report contains the primary information about the projects managed by Capital Planning and Development, and is to be used by the various project stakeholders.

This document represents a work in progress. Readers are therefore encouraged to provide feedback that will help us to improve the next edition.